In an ever-evolving fast-paced society, it’s easy to tunnel vision on day-to-day tasks and set your business on autopilot.

This often causes putting off optimization of the bigger brand touchpoints that leave lasting impressions. Banks, in particular, continue to struggle with staying relevant and differentiated in both the physical and digital space – or do a good job at one and not necessarily the other.

Recently a 90-year-old bank knew they had something special and wanted to make sure it didn’t fall into this trap.
This bank was Lead Bank.

Lead Bank Building, Crossroads location
Bridging the Gap Between In-Person and Online

The way Lead Bank connects with clients, invests in fintech partners, and passionately supports the community has shaped who they are. They strive to truly be a different kind of bank, which is clear when you step into their Crossroads, Kansas City location. There are no teller lines, rows of private glass offices or the stale stodgy feel of many financial institutions. In fact when you first walk in you’re wondering if you just walked into a co-working space when a Universal Banker greets you and addresses your individual need. While they have nailed the in-person brand experience, their digital experience gave off the opposite impression – one that aligned with a stereotypical financial institution.

Lead Bank recognized the importance of bridging that gap, knowing if they truly wanted to be unique and like no other they needed to bring that same personal and innovative experience to their website. To bring their vision to life they partnered with ZIV, a digital experience agency to challenge the market and ignite brilliance.

Bringing Lead Bank’s Website to Life

ZIV and Lead Bank have embarked on a digital journey including research, testing, and validation throughout the entire process, interweaving the brand feel into every step along the way. ZIV’s expert staff includes researchers, brand strategists, designers, user experience professionals, thought leaders, and technical experts that all work together to ensure the vision is brought to life. ZIV utilizes a detailed and agile approach to website redesign projects.

“ZIV and Lead Bank have embarked on a digital journey including research, testing, and validation throughout the entire process, interweaving the brand feel into every step along the way.”

At the beginning of this journey, ZIV conducted in-depth information sessions with Lead Bank’s executive team and staff to ensure goals were understood and strategies acknowledged along with talking to current clients to understand perceptions before moving into the website redesign process. Once this step was defined, ZIV conducted a deep dive audit of the current website to review content, products and services, gaps in messaging, and areas where there was opportunity to shine. After the audit, ZIV created a new sitemap and page layout structure to optimally present Lead Bank in an intuitive yet imaginative way. Wireframes and new copy were developed and tested with an interactive prototype among current clients to ensure the new approach resonated with their target audience. Now that the “rooms of the house” were built and validated, it was time to move into the fun part of the process- the visual approach.

Capturing the Lead Bank Vibe

Mood boards were presented to allow Lead Bank to select the color scheme, design elements, and textures that best resonated and helped ensure ZIV accurately captured the brand vibe. ZIV also updated Lead Bank’s corporate brand color palette to modernize the brand yet stay true to its original roots. This process leads to visual design which brings the brand to life and truly makes the Lead Bank personality shine. Additional user testing will be conducted with the design before moving into technical development with a recommended CMS platform that works as a marketing tool, meets the strict security requirements of a .BANK website, addresses ADA compliance, and ensures easy management for the Lead Bank team going forward.

Be on the lookout for a launch party in Q4 when ZIV and Lead Bank get to present this truly unique and special digital experience. As stated by Lead Bank to ZIV, “Thanks for leading us to greatness!”

More About the Agency Partner

ZIV has offices in greater Kansas City and Denver, CO. Whether it’s creating a brand, implementing a digital solution to disrupt an industry, transforming a customer’s experience to gain loyalty, or executing a marketing strategy for needed growth – they’ve got you covered. Explore their capabilities and past work at

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