Choosing the right agency to represent your company, brand, and vision is an extremely important step in any marketing plan.

That’s why it’s important to look at the big picture.

While it might be tempting to make a quick decision that will generate short-term benefits, forging a healthy working relationship with an agency that will help your brand grow and develop over time will be more beneficial to you in the long run.

Because marketing practices are constantly changing and evolving, weeding out the agency that best serves your needs can seem daunting. What may benefit you today could seem obsolete six months from now.

Therefore it’s important to take a closer look at an agency’s abilities before you make your final decision.

Asking the important questions

Is the agency full-service, or will you have to look elsewhere for help managing your public relations or social media needs? Do they specialize in one area, or offer a variety of services?
If you specialize in a specific industry, does the agency have experience marketing similar products? Are you looking to have one project completed, or are you in need of a more permanent retainer situation?

All of these questions need to be carefully thought out and answered before committing to any agency.

As overwhelming as all of these questions may seem, not asking them can lead to some pretty damaging results.

Take this example from one of the world’s most well-known brands.

We all remember the notorious Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner that aired last year. While there might have been good intentions behind the ad’s message, what came across was a multi-million-dollar company using the Black Lives Matter movement to sell sodas. There is undoubtedly enough blame to go around when it comes to what went wrong with this ad, but none of that belongs to an agency. Pepsi did this ad completely internally, through their Content Creators League. While many CMOs might think it makes sense to keep their cards close to the chest and stay in-house, Pepsi’s commercial illustrates what can happen when a fresh set of eyes doesn’t have a chance to properly review and vet ideas.

“While many CMOs might think it makes sense to keep their cards close to the chest and stay in-house, Pepsi’s commercial illustrates what can happen when a fresh set of eyes doesn’t have a chance to properly review and vet ideas.”
Of course, marketing agencies don’t always escape unscathed.

Last October, Dove released a Facebook ad that was highly criticized, and eventually taken down after sufficient backlash. The ad featured a woman of color removing her t-shirt and then turning into a white woman. Dove argued they were trying to celebrate diversity, and show that Dove was a brand for everyone, but clearly, that message wasn’t the one received. While no blame was ever technically handed out, Dove’s account has long been handled by Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest and most respected marketing agencies in the world.

So, if marketing mishaps can happen to even the world’s most successful brands, what can you do to prevent it from happening to you?

The answer is simple.

Choose an agency that understands your needs fully, and has the capabilities to meet them. Carefully weigh your options, and decide which firm best fits with your brand’s personality. At the end of the day, the agency you choose to work with should work to increase sales, not stress levels.

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