So, you’ve successfully launched your startup.

You’ve read the books, done your research, pivoted when need be, and created a product or service that displays your big idea. However, you may have skipped over a major part that could make your idea effective. That being the creations of a brand. Creating a brand that speaks to an audience can lift an idea to new heights, and a successful brand can have a lasting impact on consumers. So, what makes a startup brand successful?

The Target

It all begins with knowing who you are selling to. A successful business knows its target market inside and out. They know their demographics, their habits in the marketplace, and how they communicate. Therefore, narrowing down a segment to reach is the first step. Then create a message and marketing strategy that resonates with that target. This will lead to better and more organic relationships between your customers and your startup. Creating one message for everyone can result in silence, while creating a narrow message to the exact customers can harbor success.

By any other name…

First impressions are everything, right? The name of your idea may seem like a small detail that won’t have much effect on the actual results of the product. However, it can be a major factor for a startup. There are many ways to go about picking a name for your startup and product, from hiring a branding firm to just making one up. However, it all comes back to one thing: your why. Why did you create this startup in the first place? Why is this product or service so important to you? To your target market? This will lead you in the right direction to discover the culture that your startup will create. Digging deep into who your company is or who you want it to be is the first step in building a name that is successful.

“Branding a startup should not be a second thought. It’s a crucial part of any company and needs to be a priority when launching a product.”
Visual appeal

In today’s culture a brand is judged more frequently on its visual identity. A consistent appealing visual toolbox can be vital to consumers. It can be a factor in whether a consumer thinks positively of a brand or not, and affects how they feel about your brand story. A brands’ colors, visuals, fonts, textures, logos, and photography style demonstrates what your company’s character is. The visual component helps your company stand out in a consumer’s mind and give them a sense of what you’re all about.

Branding a startup should not be a second thought. It’s a crucial part of any company and needs to be a priority when launching a product. It can help build recognition, reach that ideal market, and build your credibility towards consumers.

These are just a few ideas to put in the toolbox of marketing a startup. Not only has ZIV helped many startups successfully develop their strategy and surpass early financial goals, several team members have launched their own startups and understand the complexities first-hand. Let ZIV help ensure you are setting your brand up for success and visit with our team for a free 30 minute consultation.

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