Imagine you are starting a business and need an office space.

One option is clean, polished, easily accessible, and will surely impress your clients. The other one is rundown, old, in a part of town that is hard to get too, and the thought of taking clients there makes you cringe. Which would you choose? Obviously the first one. Why then is it that when it comes to the digital appearance of a brand businesses are not just as concerned?

When it comes to their digital User Experience (UX) a business often settles for office space number two. Gerry McGovern sums it up perfectly, “I used to be a little awed when I walked into a bank. These were impressive places. Their digital equivalents do not impress…. Information and technical architecture is judged by its speed and ease of use. A great website has the least possible number of carefully chosen words with minimal, lean graphics designed for speed. It is like a fast elevator that gets you to where you want to go quickly and smoothly.”

“In the world of digital it is the digital architecture interface that creates the first and lasting impressions. Organizations need to take as much care of their digital buildings as they used to take of their physical buildings.”

Gerry makes the point that while in the past consumers may have selected a brand because of its physical space, they now judge a brand based on its digital space. That’s why good UX is so important. It represents your brand to today’s consumer more than ever. And in fact, the impression your digital experience leaves on a consumer, many times determines whether or not they engage with you at all. Need help with UX? Contact us.

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