A clear path for your next business idea

Launching a startup for the first time can be a daunting task. You have a great idea to solve a problem in your industry, you’re just not sure how to bring it to market.

Idea Smarter™ by ZIV makes success easy by guiding you along a clearly-defined roadmap to establish a strong branding and marketing foundation.

What is the Idea Smarter roadmap?

We have found successful brands follow the same path to bring a new idea to market—regardless of industry. A great idea can completely fall flat without an effective branding and marketing strategy. But how can you know you’re making the right choices early on to set yourself up for success?

Idea Smarter has the recipe for success distilled into a simple formula. Here is a brief overview of the steps we use to develop a compelling brand and marketing message.

1. Develop brand identity

3. Align marketing strategy

2. Launch website & SEO

4. Analyze & optimize results

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Why do I need to approach it this way?

We can use differentiators here in sentence format:

  • We truly understand each business and see branding and marketing as a whole.
  • Branding and marketing must be in sync to have an effective impact on your customers. 
  • This transparency empowers businesses to successfully and directly manage their growth.

We can also use a case study demonstrating what we have done for a similar startup.

How does the Idea Smarter process work?

We assess your brand to find strengths and highlight areas of improvement.

We collaborate to set goals and plan the most effective path to get there.

We evaluate and track analytics to hone your strategy and drive results.

Ready to launch your next business idea?