Craft a brand– then take it to the world.

Locating new ways to expand and knowing how to communicate to markets can be daunting– maximize your marketing budget with targeted messages that work.

A person using a tablet with a ZIV created marketing email

Understand your customer

Identify untapped markets, evaluate shifts in current audiences, and understand the needs of your customer. Then craft a message that will resonate with each one.

Market research

Persona development

Marketing ecosystem audit

Customer journeys

Social listening


Competitor analysis

Then connect with them

Take your message and product to your targeted audience through a strategy crafted specifically to your business, product, and target market.

Email marketing

Direct marketing

Search engine optimization

Public relations

Print assets & materials

Tradeshow assets

Search engine marketing

Inbound marketing

Outbound marketing

Influencer marketing

Social media maintenance & marketing

“ZIV is responsible for the dramatic increase in traffic to the site, email sign ups, and social activity, as well as the relocation of numerous retirees as part of this initiative… Very easy to work with, and think strategically and creatively.”

Dr. Marvel Williamson, Executive Director, Senior Resource Center for Douglas County

Marketing & communications transformations

Ready to build and test an marketing plan that works?

Ready to build and test an marketing plan that works?