Effective Design Begins with the Right Strategy.

Users expect websites and apps to be easy to navigate and interact with. According to one study, every $1 invested in UX results in a return between $2 and $100. How much are you missing by not checking your user experience?

User testing a wireframe image

Assess what you have

You know what you want users to do, yet is that what they want to do, or what they’re actually doing? Review how your website or app is being used right now and find simple areas of improvement.

User profiles

User journeys and mapping

UX consulting

Information architecture

UX audit of current system

Build a new solution

Every good digital presence, from software to apps & websites, starts with UX. Build a system that works for your users and in turn will better serve your business.


Interactive prototyping

Software & app design

Software & app development

Make sure it works

Discovering and fixing a problem before a website or app is developed costs 10 times less than fixing it once it has been developed. Catch problems in your experience before it’s too late.

Wireframe audits

User testing

Analytics & optimization

A/B testing

“With ZIV’s UX audit and improved templates, we’ve seen increases of 36% in page depth and 18% in time on site along with a 21% decrease in bounce rate!”

Pace Communications in conjunction with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Ready to build and user test an experience that works?

Ready to build and user test an experience that works?