Caregiver Bed

A revolutionary product. An impactful story.

The Caregiver Bed was created out of a need overnight guests in hospitals had. Their product told the all too common story of  people who have had a loved one stay in a hospital yet nowhere to sleep themselves. The CEO came to us for a marketing plan, website redesign, and brand asset build out, along with a storytelling strategy

Telling the Caregiver Bed story

Caregiver Bed knew they needed collateral to communicate the impact of a bed that was shown to improve patient outcomes in a way that would resonate with hospital buyers, healthcare consultants, and health system teams. ZIV was chosen to be their storytellers through the photography, video, and brand direction process.

Bringing it all together

With an arsenal of new brand assets that created emotional connections with buyers, showcased the bed, and encouraged hospitals to get on board, Caregiver Bed moved the needle on their sales – a story ZIV was proud to be a part of.


Zoomin Market: Branding and marketing a revolutionary idea

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